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Jessica's Weight Gain Site

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Weight Gain Report
My New Diet

Im Jess im a 6 foot 115 pound girl who is sick of being skinny, I cheerlead at my school and constantly workout and always watch what I eat. But lately ive been feeling miserable of always having to impress everyone and doing things I don't want to do anymore. I recently visited female weight gain websites and the girls there seem very happy with a big potbelly and a blubber butt. After that i decided that I didn't care what my friends or other people thought of me anymore, thats when I decided I would begin my quest to become a BBW where I can eat all those greasy and fatty foods I could never eat before and just feel proud of myself for everytime the number on the scale moves higher up. 

Jess's weight gain report

Every week or so i'll post reports on my weight gaining so be sure to check "The Weight Gain Report" on the navigation

My Goal

I want big breasts, a big butt, a bountiful belly, and thick thighs that rub together when I walk. I want to get as plump as I can!

My Role Model's

Aida Lott, and the girls of Stuffer31

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