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My New Diet

Weight Gain Report
My New Diet

The Fat Diet


Before I wanted to gain weight I was constantly watching what

I ate, but now i started creating a new "Fat Diet" which I think will help me get fat.

Im eating all the time:

Im now constantly eating food,I just eat alot!

The foods I eat are more fattening:

All I eat now is foods that are high in calories and fat, (for example: french fries, burgers, chocolate, and pastries.)

Eating right before I go to bed:

This is the perfect opertunity to add more fat, when you go to sleep your motabolism pretty much shuts down which means it can't burn the fat in the foods you eat and will just distribute the fat thrugh your body, so make sure you eat alot of fattening foods before you go to bed. (I actually made a good weight gain shake which is perfect for this. All you have to do is blend chocolate ice cream, whole milk, brownies, and butter in a blender which makes a tasty chocolate drink which canr really help you down below

if you know what i mean ;)

****If you have any recipes or know ways to get fatter please let me know at******