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Weight Gain Report

Weight Gain Report
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*(remeber to keep in mind that im a very skinny girl, a barely have anything to brag about so even though in the beginning my progress may not seem like much but im definetly getting there!)*


It's been about three days since i started, i've already noticed some small changes in my body, my belly is becoming softer and rounder, my thighs are starting to slightly becoming thicker, my hips have not changed yet, but my butt is the part that chaged the most, it has a small layer of fatt on the outside which makes it look rounder than before. Yet my weight has not changed yet :(
It's been two weeks since my last update, I'm really starting to shape out, my belly is now a thick layer of fat, my butt is now about 9 inches wide and very jiggily, and my thighs jusst keep getting thicker by the week. Ive finally started gaining and now weigh 119 pounds :)

More updates coming soon!

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